Josephine Slodovnik(ova) Helebrant Kostal

Josephine Kostal; My great great grandmother & her story.

Josephine Sladovnik(ova) Helebrant Kostal

My great great grandmother Josephine immigrated into America from Bohemia at the age of 25 in 1880. Born in 1855 in Onboci near Pilzen Bohemia to the parents John Sladovnik and Katherina Kunes. Josephine immigrated in 1880 to Saunders County, NE, where she met John Helebrant (My great great grandfather). She married Mr. Helebrant on November 30 1880 in Douglas county NE by Reverend Vaclav Kocernik in the Saint Wenceslaus Parish, Omaha. She was 25, He was 34. Once married, they resided for the rest of their marriage in Ravenna, Nebraska.

John and Josephine had four children together; Anna (1881), Antonia "Tonnie" (1883), Louis, my great grandfather (1884), and James (1886). After John died (of unknown causes, as almost everything is unknown about this man) in October of 1887,  Josephine married James Kostal in 1889. She and James also had four children together; Agnes (1890), Edward (1893), Emma (1896), and Albie (1899). Josephine died on February 21 1923 at the age of 68 in Ravenna, NE due to diabetes. She is buried in the Highland Cemetery.

Josephine was also a part (president and treasurer) of, Ruze Viterstvi No. 92, Jednota Ceskych Dam (J. C. D.), Bohemian Woman's Auxiliary to Z. C. B. J. Order. Organized February 22, 1898, with twenty three charter members. The ladies at the J. C. D. ended up being the women who conducted her funeral in the family home.

Though her first husband John (my great great grandfather) is quite the mystery man, Josephine didn't seem to be too camera shy, as I have many photos and much more information on her. It is astonishing to me that after seven years of marriage to the man, our family is yet to find any photos or information of the couple, and the records through Ravenna, NE are scarce on John Helebrant as well, though there are many pictures of her and her family.

This is a record of the marriages that took place in Douglas County, Nebraska from 1854 to 1881. This is the only official documentation I have on John & Josephine's marriage. Found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.
Another record of Marriages in Douglas County.
This was a list Reverends in the area, one of which (Rev. Vaclav Korcarnik) Married John and Josephine to witnesses Adam Hajek and John Hora.
Rev. Vaclav Korcarnik
This photo was taken shortly after James and Josephine were married. The child on James's lap was his first born, Agnes. Antonia "Tonnie"  and young James are sitting in front. Louis and Anna are standing just behind them.
(1) Antonia "Tonnie" Helebrant-Stanton, (2) Louis Helebrant, (3) Agnes Kostal-Glodowski, (4) James "Jim" Helebrant, (5) Anna Helebrant-Smaha
(6) Albie Kostal-Psota, (7) James Kostal, (8) Edward Kostal, (9) Josephine Sladovnik-Helebrant-Kostal, (10) Emma Kostal-Psota
There was nothing on the back of this photo when I received it but I have been able to pick out a few familiar faces from this summer get together, one of which being Josephine and James Kostal. Other familiar faces belonging to Katherina and James Novy (My other great great grandparents. Katherina and James Novy ended up being the in-laws to Louis Helebrant). Josephine is in front and the sixth woman from the left. James Kostal is standing just behind her and to the right. Katherina is the woman in white standing to the right of Josephine, and James Novy is just behind Katherina and to the right.
From Left to Right:      (1) Antonia "Tonnie" Helebrant  (2) Louis Helebrant  (3) Anna Helebrant  (4) Albie Kostal  (5) Edward Kostal  (6) Agnes Kostal  (7) James Helebrant  (8) Emma Kostal       In front: Josephine and James Kostal
Josephine Sladovnik(ova) Helebrant Kostal with her second husband James Kostal
This is a copy of the newspaper with Josephine's Obituary